Software for analysis and design
of rotation symmetrical buildings, tanks and silos


Rotation symmetrical buildings / Cylindrical tanks / Sewage treatment constructions

Multi-chamber tanks with any concentric ring-shaped walls, optional central column

Ascertaining of stresses and deformities with different materials

Complete design for stability and workability with reinforced concrete in compliance with German standard DIN 1045 and European standard EC 2

Action of silo loads according to German standard DIN1055, part 6


Option of antimetrical loads p.e. slope soil, earthquake





Operating system Microsoft®
Windows 9x/ME/2000/NT/ XP/Vista/7/10 (32bit/64bit)

Download trial versions

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Use of software will be licenced as follow:

Licence for ZYLO 7


Licence of full version by purchasing a copy protected USB - device.

Copy protecting device change trial version to full version by activating an extra menu feature enabling new system geometries. Licence text is displayed on printouts. The feature enabling the creation of new system geometries has been disabled in trial version.



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